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Our History

The enterprise is engaged in milk production, processing and marketing business of SADACO. As milk production is the livelihood of the individual members of the cooperative and other farmer-raisers, fresh milk is bought daily by the cooperative from at least 126 farmers, and is processed into milk products and by-products. Under PRDP, San Agustin has received a 3.4 million peso milking barn and 5.1 million pesos worth of milking facilities. This I-REAP subproject was recently showcased and assessed during the 10th World Bank Implementation Support Mission..

WATCH the audio-visual presentation of the Dairy Carabao Enterprise of San Agustin, Isabela managed by the San Agustin Dairy Cooperative (SADACO).

Core Values

Our Mission


To help empower the farming communities and private sectors to produce enough and affordable carabao fresh milk for every San Agustinians and attain a decent income for all as well as to share its importance to the growing population.



A cooperative that modernizes a diversified rural economy and introduces technologies on dairy farm which are completely advance with strong private sector linkage for sustainable development of small-holder farmers.



To establish an enterprise on Carabao fresh milk and processed products such as pastillas de leche, choco milk, pasteurizing milk, milk o gel, lacto drink and ice candy.
To establish strong marketing linkages.
To adapt new and modernized technologies to produce quality.



To increase the production of quality Carabao related goods that are accessible and affordable to consumers within and neighbo communities.!

Our Team


Hazel Agustin

Sadaco Manager


Engr. Blas Lamug Jr.

Department of Agriculture (DA) Municipal Agriculturist
Retired Jan 07, 2023


Engr. Gerald B. Carmelo

OIC Municipal Agriculturist

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